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French Toast
  • Category: Baking

  • Date Added: 10/01/2013

  • Game Title: French Toast

  • Game Description:
    A lavish breakfast – a perfect start of a perfect day! How does it feel my friends? Wake up to a shiny morning and begin your day enthusiastically with ……… French toast. A full-sized portion of a buttery French Toast, fresh and luscious fruits and a mug of steamy cappuccino…..a promise of an energetic day ahead! You must have tasted the French Toasts your mom makes for you. A truly amazing and yummy dish that is usually served as a breakfast, right? French Toast is one of the most favorite breakfast traditions which developed in the 16th century France! A delicious recipe for the entire family! Do you want to see how you can prepare yourself an exotic breakfast like this in your very own kitchen? It’s all very simple…. Sliced bread soaked in an egg mixture, fried and topped with maple syrup….Wow! The smell of freshly fried bread is mouth-watering indeed! French Toast is a great way to get your kids eat eggs even without letting them know! This dish is very easy to prepare and we bring you one of the best recipes here. Are you ready for this new challenge? Go on and prove to the world that you are an expert chef of your early morning breakfast! Pamper yourself with the breakfast you crave for this morning! Have fun cooking the French Toast! Enjoy!

  • Game Tags:
    Family Games, Fast Games, Fruit Games, Ice Games, Mouse Games, Tea Games, Water Games, Eggs Games

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