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Doli Fancy Pizzeria
  • Category: Pizza

  • Date Added: 26/01/2012

  • Game Title: Doli Fancy Pizzeria

  • Game Description:
    Extra! Extra! Eat all about it! We just found out about this great place called Doli Fancy Pizzeria, where they serve some really delicious pizza, and very tasty drinks. We hear it's amazing, but they need a good manager to run this place, so hurry up while there's still time, and apply for this great job. Use your management skills, and turn this pizzeria into a successful business to attract more and more clients. You have really good references because you did such a great job last time with the Doli Cake Laboratory, so we're sure you'll get the job in no time, and be a great manager once again.

  • Game Tags:
    Business Games, Mouse Games

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